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Forex School

Forex market has recently become known. And if you're reading this, then he and you are intrigued by its profitability. You probably came to learn how you can make money on it.

I will not write when it was formed, how much exists, its turnover, we are not so important. Most importantly, we learn to make the forex market.

First you need to get on the Forex market. This is very simple. In our country, many companies that offer access to trade the forex market. Terms and reliability of these companies is different. Many people ask me: how to choose a company in which to open an account?

I can only reply, as I do. I go to the website under "about us" and read. I choose the companies that do not exist in the first year, it is a guarantee that the company does not ephemera, and will not go away with my cash. Next, I look, whether a license is granted, many large companies that provide market access to forex, spread on a site as much information about yourself. After that, I see the conditions of access to forex markets. If the company provides a very highly competitive environment, we can begin to doubt it. If the company takes great commission, night, spread, etc., I shall hardly work with it. Next, I go to the "News" section, reading the pace of its development and the situation at the moment. Since then I have been studying the software, because with it I will need to work daily on the forex market. I also go out to a forum of the company, read testimonials of people about the company. If I agree and I go to "account opening", read the contract and if I am feeling that all suits me, I open an account and start trading on the forex market.

Eventually, you'll be earning in the forex market, be sure to open 2-3 more accounts and play them in turn. This will guarantee that if the company closes, you will not stay in a fool, because you already have time to return all the money invested and to take away from the company yet. Here's how: Suppose you invested 3000 rubles for the forex market, won the 3100 top, lifted them to your bank account. Now, you're already so in the black, even if the company closes, you returned their money and little taken with her.

When you choose a company entered the market Forex, the most business start earning. I miss the time learning about him, I said in other articles.

Forex market differs from the stock market, bonds, futures. Its main differences - this technology works and availability. In the forex market is easy to get. On the stock market to get more complicated.

In the forex market can earn two ways:
Betting on the event. That is, the EURUSD currency at 10:00 am will be higher than at 11:00. There are companies that are doing it.
Have a profit from each item movement. That is, if the opening bid EURUSD was at around 1.1200, and an hour will be at around 1.1220, then for every point of the movement you win or lose money. If the contract was purchased to improve, then you earned 20 points (spread not consider), but if you opened up for a fall, then lost 20 points. The amount of one item is chosen by you. The more money invested in the forex market, the more expensive one point.

On the stock market a little different scheme, but this will not. We came to make the forex market, let's not confuse ourselves.

Forex - is just a schedule, which reflects the expectations of millions of people. Some involved in the trade, showing its expectations, while others sit and wait for the right moment, too, showing their expectations. Forex market - a market of people. If there are no traders (all who carry out transactions on the forex market), graphics stop.

Forex market does not wish anyone evil, goodness, he is cold, he does not know about you anything. If you lost and angry at the forex market, it is useless to get angry at myself. It is better to take it, find the cause of loss, and more it is not repeated.

Every trader in the forex market wants to win money, and he does not think getting rid of you, the winning company pays him.

On the forex market, written numerous articles and books, I only mention three important points:
Selecting a mediator between you and the forex market.
Ways to earn money on the forex market.
The structure of the forex market.

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